Bernie Sanders, at Fox News City Center, Says His Wealth Isn’t the ‘American Dream’

Politics| Bernie Sanders, at Fox News Town Hall, States His Wealth Isn’t the ‘American Dream’


Senator Bernie Sanders spoke throughout a Fox News town-hall style event in Bethlehem, Pa., on Monday evening. Credit Credit Matt Rourke/Associated Press

Soon after he disclosed his income tax return for the last 10 years, Senator Bernie Sanders on Monday declined the idea that his newly found millionaire status was a testament to industrialism and the “American dream.”

Appearing on Fox News in a town-hall style event, Mr. Sanders protected his wealth as the truthfully earned outcome of a popular book that he wrote.

” If any person thinks I need to say sorry for composing a best-selling book,” he stated, “I’m not going to do it.”

However he did not straight address the question, asked by an audience member, about whether he himself ought to pay more in taxes now that he is a member of the “1 percent,” from whom he has spent years requiring higher contributions.

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Then Bret Baier, among the Fox moderators, asked Mr. Sanders, “When you composed the book and you made the cash, isn’t that the meaning of commercialism and the American dream?”

” No,” Mr. Sanders responded. “I suggest, you understand, what we want is a country where everyone has chance. You know, I have a college degree. I’m a United States senator. However a lot of people do not have a college degree. A lot of people are not United States senators. I want everybody in this nation to be able to have health care, to have education, to, when they turn on the water, have drinkable water, not poisonous water.”

The message seemed that his monetary success had been possible due to the fact that he had systemic advantages that numerous other Americans did not. “So what we are defending, Bret,” he stated, “is a society not where a just couple of people can make a great deal of money, however a society where everybody in this nation has the chance to reside in security and self-respect.”

Mr. Sanders’s tax returns showed that he made $561,293 in 2015 and paid an efficient tax rate of 26 percent. Last week, in an interview with The New york city Times, the Vermont senator acknowledged that his book revenues had made him a millionaire.

Mr. Sanders is the first Democratic candidate to appear on a 2020 town hall event on Fox News, known for conservative prime-time show hosts and their strong defenses of President Trump. The Democratic National Committee has said it will not hold any 2020 arguments on Fox, pointing out troubling ties between the network and the president.

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Mr. Sanders sometimes sparred with Mr. Baier and his co-host, Martha MacCallum, and at points was noticeably defensive, pushing back on concerns. For example, while he reiterated that rich people and corporations should pay more in taxes, “whether it’s me or you or any person else,” he did not straight respond to when asked whether he would personally want to pay a leading marginal tax rate of 52 percent, as he proposed for high-income Americans during his 2016 campaign.

Instead, in a tone of frustration if not outright agitation, he tried to turn the question on the mediators, stating Mr. Baier and Ms. MacCallum surely made more than he did.

When the moderators kept in mind that Mr. Sanders had actually gained from the tax legislation that the Republican-controlled Congress passed in late 2017, he highlighted that he had voted versus it.

Mr. Sanders, who is Jewish and lost numerous family members in the Holocaust, likewise defended Agent Ilhan Omar, who has come under fierce attack from President Trump for her comments about 9/11 and Israel. Mr. Sanders stated that while she maybe required to improve her interaction with Jewish Americans, he did not believe she was anti-Semitic.

” It is not anti-Semitic to be crucial of a right-wing federal government in Israel,” he said to applause.

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