Bundy Museum of History and Art in Binghamton, New York City

Let’s get this out of the way: no, there’s no relation to Ted or Al Bundy. On the contrary, the Bundy Museum of History and Art is named after Harlow E. Bundy, cofounder of the Bundy Production Business, which is best known for its time recording clocks and as the precursor to IBM.

The clocks, the very first of their kind, were used at companies worldwide so workers might know when they were on shift. With the make money from his service, Bundy constructed this three-story Queen-Anne-style home, which is now carefully brought back and open to tours. Within it are two turning art galleries: one on the second flooring, and one on the 3rd.

Located behind the Bundy Home is the Annex. Initially a carriage house, it now houses a theater (for movies, plays, and live music) and the Rod Serling Archive. It’s the area’s biggest collection of the Golden Zone creator’s artifacts, consisting of original set pieces, unusual books, and photographs. In the exact same structure is a distinct vintage recreation of a bar and hair salon (not functional), established from regional donations.

A third art gallery is situated in your house next door, Gallery131 The fourth and last gallery is located in Binghamton Picture, the location’s only community darkroom. There is a small exhibition committed to ANSCO products, consisting of antique and vintage film and cameras. WBDY, the Bundys’ neighborhood radio station, is likewise housed in this structure, on the upper flooring.

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