Dislike Wins in Congress, Legendary (Virtual) Floods, and More News

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Congress held a hearing on hate, and it went precisely as you thought it might

Congress called the leaders of tech to a hearing increasing of hate criminal activities and white supremacy, however instead of illuminating solutions and constructing bridges, the haters got their way and the tech giants left scot free The hearings were mostly filled with arguments and partisanship, a regrettable par for the course that caused no genuine responses or development on the concern. There are more hearings tomorrow, however if today’s were any sign, we would not get too confident.

The Weather condition Channel really wishes to you care about climate modification

Lest you believe the Weather condition Channel is traditional, take a look at their impressive graphics capabilities The most current display of their weather simulations begins by showing a press reporter in the city of Charleston, South Carolina, surrounded by sensible graphics of the floods that are expected to take control of the city by2100 In some cases you have to see to think.

Facebook rolled out more functions for dead individuals

Stabilizing the privacy of individuals vs. the sorrow of losing a loved one is a hard line to balance for Facebook. And now the business is presenting new functions like memorializing profiles, tribute sections, and more gain access to for legacy contacts to the accounts of the deceased.

Cocktail Conversation

Be the professional at the party with this brief history of porn. It’s lot more than raunch and odd noises– pornographers really established a number of the early developments in online marketing, and a number of those successful business owners were ladies.

WIRED Recommends: Tips & Tricks for Spotify

Perhaps you haven’t used Spotify before, or maybe you believe you’re already a Spotify pro. In either case, we create a list of the very best tips and tricks to make your experience as jam-worthy as possible.

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