Google Home app gets a UI refresh and new Cast controls with variation 2.15

Google Home app Source: Android Central

What you need to know

  • The Google Home app is getting some UI modifications with the new 2.15 variation of the app.
  • The add gadgets button has actually been relocated, there is now an account switcher, and the Discover feed cards have a new design.
  • Cast media controls have actually likewise received an enormous UI refresh, but it is currently rolling out server-side and may not be offered to all users yet.

The Google House app has a new easier design presenting with version 2.15 With this brand-new UI, Google has actually cleaned up a great deal of the mess and streamlines the app a fair bit.

For beginners, the add brand-new device button has actually been relocated to the leading left corner of the app, while in the ideal corner the three-dot menu button has been replaced with an account switcher. Comparable to the account switcher in a number of Google’s latest app updates, it now enables you to swap accounts with a fast swipe down over your profile picture.

Google Home app oldGoogle Home app new Source: Android Central

The bottom of the Home app now looks much different as Google has now tidied up much of the clutter by consolidating the previous four-button layout down to only two buttons. Moving forward, instead of seeing buttons for House, Discover, Browse, and Account, there is now only House and Discover.

The Discover area of the app has actually also gotten a revitalized UI, beginning with the font at the top which has been altered and is now in vibrant. Next, the cards have been upgraded to be bigger with rounded corners and include a colorful background.

Google Home app discover oldGoogle Home app discover new Source: Android Central

There are also some brand-new additions to the Settings menu. If you scroll all the method to the bottom, there is now a section for Google Assistant services. From here, you’ll have the ability to handle your Shopping list and link your preferred music and video services.

Google Home app settings oldGoogle Home app settings newGoogle Home app Nest events Source: Android Central

More significantly for Nest users, this is where you’ll be able to see a history of occasions activated by your Nest web cam. If you don’t own one like myself, then you’ll simply see “No taped events” when examining this area. Occasions must also reveal up in the Discover section as they occur.

Lastly, the Cast media controls have actually also been upgraded, however appear to be rolling out on the server-side, so not all users will have access to them yet. If you are among the fortunate ones with the new controls, the Play button on the primary page of the Google Home app will now be relabelled to Media.

Google Home app cast controls oldGoogle Home app cast controls new Source: Android Cops

As you can see, the Cast media controls have actually undergone a huge overhaul here. Rather of the previous white background with controls, there is now a blurred background with album art and media controls, together with a new volume slider at the bottom.

Google Home app cast transfer settingsGoogle Home app cast transfer settings Source: Android Police

It likewise features a brand-new card layout, enabling you to swipe to the side and view media being cast on different devices on your network. This includes all of your Cast-enabled speakers, display screens, and Android Televisions.

In addition, the updated UI likewise offers you access to moving media to other gadgets– a function Google just recently introduced that previously was just accessible by means of a voice command.

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