John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’ was more than simply a show– it was a life raft

John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’ was more than simply a show– it was a life raft

The world desperately needed
The world desperately required “Some Good News.”.

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By Nicole Gallucci

No matter how bad life might appear, you can always discover some excellent news to smile about.

John Krasinski reminded us all of that quickly forgotten reality when he spearheaded an online positivity motion throughout one of the nation’s darkest times.

On March 25, near completion of a particularly heartbreaking and worrisome month, Krasinski tweeted a basic request to his 2.6 million Twitter followers. Utilizing the hashtag #SomeGoodNews, he asked his fans to share feel-good stories that had recently made them smile, and he received countless reactions.

People responded to Krasinski’s require pleasure with heartfelt videos of socially distanced welcome house parades, pictures of masks they had actually produced health care employees, stories of new houses, family members en route, and more. He received so many uplifting replies that he created a makeshift studio in his house and produced Some Good News( SGN,) a weekly YouTube show dedicated to sharing stories of coronavirus imagination, compassion, and coming together.

After 8 episodes, more than two and a half million customers, and over 60 million views later on, Krasinski revealed he was taking a break from the show On Thursday, news broke that the series sold to ViacomCBS, and while Krasinski will continue to be involved and serve as the program’s executive manufacturer, he will sadly no longer be hosting.

While Krasinski’s choice to desert his function as our sole Some Excellent News newscaster is a huge disappointment, we’ll be forever grateful for his efforts to bring individuals together in a time of seclusion.

Krasinski provided it his all

For those who have yet to experience the delight of Some Excellent News, we can guarantee you that it was no half-assed effort. Sure, Krasinski just wore the leading half of his suit when he recorded the very first seven episodes, however that was for comedic result– he gave the show his all in every way.

During the eight-episode run, Krasinski didn’t solely highlight other individuals’s great deeds, he performed his own. He video talked with fans straight, hosted a virtual senior prom, organized a series of beginning speakers for a virtual graduation ceremony, and even got ordained as a minister to marry 2 individuals whose leisure of Jim and Pam’s filling station engagement on ‘The Office’ went viral.

He called on NASA astronauts and celebrity pals consisting of Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai, Steven Spielberg, Possibility the Rapper, Billie Eilish, the Jonas Brothers, and more to help brighten our days. The show’s comically succinct weather reports included stars like Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, and Emma Stone. Not to discuss that Krasinski provided fans of The Office the reunion we’ve frantically desired for the last seven years.

Some Great News wasn’t all about star power. Krasinski also used the show to do some real good in the world.

In Episode 5, Krasinski informed his visitor Guy Fieri that PepsiCo would be donating $3 million to his Dining Establishment Worker Relief Fund, which offers financial support to dining establishment workers affected by the coronavirus. And he even partnered with PepsiCo, Sevenly, and fans who developed Some Great News art to launch special lines of SGN product for a good cause.

Krasinski likewise revealed that all merch profits will go to charities like the Dining Establishment Employee Relief Fund, World Central Kitchen, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Direct Relief The Starbucks Structure, furthermore, just recently revealed that it will be matching SGN merch-related donations up to $1 million.

The present of pleased tears in times of sorrow

While Krasinski isn’t the only celeb who’s taken favorable action throughout the pandemic, what makes his effort so unique is its focus on enhancing mental and psychological health.

It’s constantly valuable when stars contribute money to organizations, however it’s also pretty simple for individuals who have a lots of non reusable cash to provide some away. Seeing a celebrity raise funds while likewise investing his time, energy, and resources into enhancing our moods, as Krasinski did, is a lot more uncommon.

@somegoodnews I need to make sure I have tissues close by when I watch because I bawl through the entire thing. You’re doing a fantastic thing @johnkrasinski

— ♠ Sue Davis ♠ (@Shallow6ftBlond) April 8, 2020

For adults, Some Great News acted as a wonderful interruption from the soul-crushing negativity on the planet. For kids, teens, and college students who are missing out on their senior proms and graduations, enjoying Krasinski’s efforts implied even more. The show likewise let us have a good, long, cathartic, delighted cry every week.

Scrolling through the Twitter responds to Krasinski’s preliminary request for great news, I bawled. In the beginning I believed I was crying over the state of the world, and I sort of was, however I was likewise releasing tears of happiness and relief. In March it felt like we as a society were doomed, however that first thread of excellent news– and every episode that followed– filled me with hope.

An unanticipated hero

Krasinski’s development as a quarantine hero was particularly unexpected– he’s never actually had much of an online presence.

Compared to the typical social media user (or most celebrities on Twitter and Instagram) Krasinski seldom posts.

The star was so offline prior to the pandemic that till recently his Twitter bio checked out, “Simply found out how to alter my bio.” Krasinski kicked off the first episode of SGN by announcing “I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.” And in the senior prom episode, which took some extra high tech maneuvering to manage, he stated, “This was the outright scariest thing I’ve ever carried out in my career.” However, hi, now he has a Webby Award (In addition to all the warm sensations he probably gets when reflecting on just how much pleasure he helped distribute.)

While Krasinski might have improved at browsing the web, he still wasn’t one to shine the spotlight on himself. In each episode, specifically the final one, which was committed to the SGN neighborhood, he made it his mission to commemorate his audience. He credited artists who tweeted at him, kids who hosted their own SGN shows, and directly interacted with more fans than any celeb I have actually ever seen. Ultimately, Krasinski set out to show all of us that we are the real heroes– the ones responsible for developing the bright side.

By the end of the 8th episode it was clear that he had actually attained that goal. Krasinski ended Episode 8 by changing up his usual sign-off message, advising audiences to look for the good in this dark time.

In his 2019 beginning speech at Brown University, Krasinski provided the finishing class a piece of suggestions. He stated, “Prior to you do something unique, just do something.” That’s precisely how we got Some Excellent News

Though it’s unclear why Krasinski won’t be hosting future SGN episodes and a brand-new host has yet to be exposed, Krasinski motivated fans to keep submitting favorable videos, pictures, life updates, and pieces of good news on social networks. If– and when– you require a reminder, the SGN Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts will still be there for you.

Krasinski could have quickly sat back and stayed quiet in quarantine.

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