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< meta material ="[singing] In the days before the election, supporters of Benjamin Netanyahu roll up to a shopping center in the south of Israel. Miri Regev is a conservative, Likud politician. She's Netanyahu's minister of culture. And this evening, she's campaigning for his re-election. Reporter:" How is this election different from the past election? "The comments start to upset somebody in the crowd. His name is Murad, and he identifies as a Palestinian citizen of Israel. The past decade has actually been defined by the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu. In a country facing consistent threats, numerous credit him for keeping Israel safe and strong." We will do what is necessary to defend our people and to safeguard our state." Now, he's captured up in a corruption scandal and will likely be prosecuted on charges of bribery and fraud. The polls are close, so we came here to listen to his supporters and understand why people are sticking with him. We're on the Israel-Gaza border. Palestinians continue to object versus an Israeli blockade that has actually suffocated them, and the Israel Defense Forces are on high alert for violence and Hamas rockets. We go to neighboring border neighborhoods in the south, where Netanyahu's hardline position makes him popular. Though his supporters are really varied, this working-class location is a rock strong base for Likud." Did you play?"" I played." Alon Dividi is the mayor of Sderot, a city less than a mile from the Gaza border." I think that our prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, he's the very best man that we can get in this time. Because we see what he's finished with Iran. We've seen what he's made with the economy of Israel. And we've seen the security in this area. Envision down in Manhattan, weekly, somebody would send a rocket. What do you ask from Trump? What do you ask from your president? You will say, damage them."[cheering] Even kids here understand an alarm means they have15 seconds to get to safety." You can see we have a shelter, a lot of shelter." "So, that's a shelter."" This is a shelter, and this is a shelter, and this is a shelter, and there we have a shelter. 4 years ago, on Saturday evening, me and my family, all of us live extremely close to here. And we start to hear the alarm system-- Red Color. The rocket landed-- you see the cars and truck?"" The car at the check right there?"" Yes, yes, yes. The rocket landed there." There's a saying here:" rak Bibi," which implies" only Bibi." For numerous, it suggests only Netanyahu can keep them safe. From the community of Netiv Ha'asara, you can see the fence separating Israel from Gaza. We go to the Tasa household. Like everyone here, they needed to develop something called a safe room in their home." So, you see?" Reporter:" Oh, this is--"" And as you see, it's extremely little. Each time I have a bomb or an alarm, I require to run here. But it's not safe because we do not have sufficient time. We have15 seconds. And if I do not-- It's not a genuine life, you understand? And this is our life. A few of us want peace, and a little bit of us, like me, don't think in peace. They wish to eliminate us. They wish to destroy us. They want-- they wish to eliminate Israel." Reporter: "You don't think peace is possible?" "No. "" Possible?"" Not for me."" Not now. It's possible, however not now. Now the Hamas remains in Gaza, and you can't go and do them peace."" Hamas is Hezbollah, Hezbollah is Iran. Iran is my opponent. That's it. For me, I don't see a partner to have now peace. And Netanyahu is the only one for me that sees the same aspect of them. Netanyahu-- that's it. For me, nobody can change him."" What are some of the other concerns for this election that are on your mind?"" I don't have." Press reporter:" This is the most crucial?"" Naturally." Every Israeli election has been about security, and numerous Israelis have relied on Netanyahu to keep them safe, which is why his main competitor now wishes to emphasize that he can be just as difficult. Benny Gantz is a three-star general, who increased to the greatest ranks of the Israeli armed force.[applause] And his campaign has highlighted the need for unity within the nation. However to win a parliamentary majority and become prime minister of Israel, Gantz's party is anticipated to form a coalition with parties well to his left. So, it's not clear to some people here what his management would bring. Shiri Sapir cares about security. He leans left and believes in a peace process with a two-state option. However in Netanyahu's Israel, some consider him a traitor." I'm going to offer my life in the next three years to the army. I'm going to be-- perhaps I'm going to get in Gaza. Am I a traitor? How can you say that? "In numerous methods, this election is actually a referendum on Netanyahu and the direction he's taken the nation. In this political campaign advertisement, Israel's minister of justice mocked increasing concerns about the disintegration of democracy. "Fascism." It went viral. Minister Ayelet Shaked's New Right Celebration is more best than Netanyahu's, but he will need her celebration to form a governing coalition. We concerned her personal project occasion to see how conservative citizens were feeling about Netanyahu. And it rapidly became clear: They're stressed. Divisions are forming amongst his conventional political allies. So. numerous Israelis who supported Netanyahu in the past must choose if they should continue to support him now. Israeli society is exceptionally varied, and Netanyahu's leadership has actually deepened divisions and pressed the country to the right. After10 years of management, the concern is: Can Israelis imagine a future without him?" itemprop =" records" >


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is caught up in a corruption scandal that had threatened his quote for reelection. But he made it through the challenge and is now in a position to win a fourth consecutive term. We talked to citizens to comprehend why they continued to support him. Credit Credit Dan Balilty for The New York Times

JERUSALEM– Benjamin Netanyahu’s evident re-election as prime minister of Israel testifies to a starkly conservative vision of the Jewish state and its people about where they are and where they are headed.

They prize stability, in addition to the military and economic security that Mr. Netanyahu has delivered.

Though in lots of ways they have never been safer, they remain afraid– specifically of Iran and its influence over their next-door neighbors, against which Mr. Netanyahu has actually non-stop crusaded. They are persuaded by his portrayal of those who challenge him, whether Arab people or the left, as enemies of the state. They take his resemblance to authoritarian leaders around the world as evidence that he was ahead of the curve.

They credit Mr. Netanyahu, whose strategic vision values power and fortitude above all, with piloting Israel to unmatched diplomatic heights and believe still more is possible. And they are loath to let anyone less knowledgeable take the controls.

” Let’s be sincere with ourselves, “stated Michael B. Oren, a former Israeli ambassador to Washington.” Our economy is exceptional, our foreign relations were never better, and we’re safe and secure. We’ve got a person in politics for40 years: We understand him, the world knows him– even our opponents know him.”

Not everybody is so enamored of him.

Mr. Netanyahu’s coalition appears to have actually won65of the120 seats in Parliament. But his positions on the issues varied little bit from those of his main challenger, Benny Gantz, recommending that near to half of the electorate would have just preferred somebody else in the task.

As he puts together a brand-new coalition, how Mr. Netanyahu manages that divide will be his first test. With a new term and a broadened Likud party, he might form an even larger conservative union of nonreligious, ultra-Orthodox and even some extremist legislators– or, if he chooses, he might to attempt to create a nationwide unity federal government that generates centrists.

Whatever he chooses, Mr. Netanyahu has been managed the chance to lead Israel through a major juncture in its history as both a Jewish and a democratic state, if his legal problems do not fall him first.

An election that was all about character and character– whether Mr. Netanyahu’s most likely indictment on corruption charges made him unsuited to continue in the task, or whether Mr. Gantz, was up to it– left little room for issues of policy.

To his credit, Mr. Gantz, who conceded on Wednesday, won a record variety of Parliament seats for a brand-new party. However Mr. Netanyahu proved as soon as again that his skills, endurance and desire to do what it takes to win are all unrivaled in Israeli politics.

However severe concerns for Israel that were basically reserved in the project are fast approaching. As he surpasses David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s founding leader, as its longest-serving prime minister this summertime, Mr. Netanyahu will be not able to disregard any of them for long.

Peace with the Palestinians stays as unlikely as ever, despite the possible wild card of a long-awaited proposal from the Trump administration. Mr. Netanyahu’s right-wing allies, to whom he might be even more beholden under his next coalition, are champing at the bit to pursue addition of the occupied West Bank

In desperation to rally the pro-settler base, Mr. Netanyahu stated openly three days prior to the election that he would begin applying Israeli sovereignty to parts of the West Bank that the Palestinians demand for their future state. Challengers believe this would trigger a new Palestinian uprising, bring to fulfillment the apartheid program the Israeli left has actually long cautioned against, or both.

Construction in the Israeli settlement of Beitar Illit in 2015. Mr. Netanyahu stated throughout the project that he would begin applying Israeli sovereignty to parts of the occupied West Bank. Credit Menahem Kahana/Agence France-Presse– Getty Images

Even without annexation in the mix, Mr. Netanyahu’s settler – and ultra-Orthodox-dominated federal government, and his effusive welcome of President Trump, have actually quickly pushed away Israel from mainly liberal and less-observant American Jews, the biggest diaspora community and a pillar of Israel’s security because its starting.

Israel is becoming a partisan concern in the United States like never ever previously, already requiring those seeking the Democratic governmental nomination in 2020– consisting of Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and Beto O’Rourke — to distinguish their assistance for Israel from their displeasure of Mr. Netanyahu’s policies.

Lastly, though it has actually gotten little notification outside Israel, a power battle in between the judiciary– one of the nation’s last redoubts of assertive liberalism– and ascendant ethnonationalists has been building towards a face-off that might dramatically change the nature of Israeli democracy.

While conservatives have been working to cut the Supreme Court’s power through legislation, the court itself has been preparing to assert judicial evaluation over even the so-called basic laws that Parliament thinks about the foundation of an ultimate constitution, which Israel now does not have.

” Think Of the American Supreme Court evaluating the constitutionality of part of the Constitution itself,” stated Gadi Taub, a historian and Hebrew University teacher who opposes settlements and addition but supports a rollback of judicial authority.

Mr. Netanyahu has not led the effort to control the Supreme Court, but he has railed against the legal system as an entire, over the long-running authorities corruption investigations that have led to his expected indictment on bribery and scams charges

That project, too, is expected to provide an obstacle for Israel’s democratic system: Mr. Netanyahu is now nearly specific to attempt to extract a deal from his coalition partners to pass a law retroactively approving him immunity from prosecution.

Israelis have actually grown accustomed to Mr. Netanyahu’s bullish PowerPoint assessments of the nation’s condition:10 years of uninterrupted financial development, its best-ever credit rating, and diplomatic openings and brand-new trading partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America. During the campaign, they likewise got used to clips revealing Mr. Trump approving acknowledgment of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and of Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, both coveted national goals.


Mr. Netanyahu with President Trump and other authorities in March, as the United States recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.Credit Doug Mills/The New York Times

Dorit Rabinyan, an author who calls herself left-wing, stated Israelis feared Mr. Netanyahu’s exit as if they would be” orphaned.” And she confessed to having a tint of the same feeling herself.” I’m anxious about it at the very same time that I’m hopeful about it,” she said.

Critics indicate a yawning income gap in between those prospering in Israel’s state-of-the-art industry and those in the center class or living outside the major cities. A housing crunch, stopped up highways and a crushing cost of living are keeping numerous young grownups in their moms and dads’ homes and driving others to emigrate.

That gave Mr. Netanyahu’s challengers left wing and even the center-right ample ammunition.

“He’s offered short-term revenues at a really high long-term rate, “said Ari Shavit, a Jerusalem-born reporter who has actually followed Mr. Netanyahu throughout his profession.” Netanyahu’s Israel is mortgaged. And we are going to pay a lot. “

Mr. Shavit stated the very same could be stated for Mr. Netanyahu’s failure to utilize Israel’s position of strength and tactical comfort–” this golden moment”– to handle its single most existential problem, the Palestinian dispute; and for his exploitation of Mr. Trump’s largess at the cost of” endangering the relationship with Democratic America, younger America and the next administration in Washington.”

Mr. Taub stated he anticipated Mr. Netanyahu to continue his decade-long practice of slow-walking settlement expansion, as the ideal grumbles, and undermining peace talks, as the left complains.

” Gantz, with his high talk of worths, optimism, modification, seemed like Obama in 2008,” Mr. Taub said. “But nobody in Israel thinks there’s truly an alternative to annex the West Bank or make peace. So it will be the triumph of the status quo.”


Palestinian protesters facing Israeli troops in the West Bank. Analysts believe the extension of Israeli sovereignty could touch off a Palestinian uprising. Credit Abbas Momani/Agence France-Presse– Getty Images

But Mr. Oren stated he thought that a Trump peace strategy was forthcoming, and that Mr. Netanyahu was finest fit to reach a deal, at last, no matter just how much his union partners combated it.

” It’s the old adage: The left makes war, the right makes peace,” Mr. Oren stated. “Netanyahu will be incredibly loath to say no to Trump, which might prove to be the success of that program.”

On the West Bank, nevertheless, few share that view.

Ghassan Khatib, a teacher at Bir Zeit University and previous representative for the Palestinian federal government, said Mr. Netanyahu’s long tenure had actually currently left two devastating casualties: any hope for a two-state option and any support for moderate Palestinian leadership, whose financial investment in a diplomatic solution to the conflict Mr. Netanyahu has challenged.

Mr. Khatib stated that Mr. Netanyahu, by politically empowering the right wing in recent years, had actually contributed to a radicalization that has made Israelis averse to peacemaking. “The Israel that we talk about now is not the Israel we negotiated with 25 years ago,” he stated. “I think that Netanyahu’s taking us into some kind of apartheid truth.”

It is precisely since Mr. Netanyahu has actually been so effective that some on the left argue that his management is weakening Israel’s seemingly irrepressible democracy.

Anshel Pfeffer, the author of “Bibi,” a critical bio of Mr. Netanyahu, stated he believed that by campaigning as the “vital guy,” Mr. Netanyahu had actually “produced a narrative where it’s illegitimate or irresponsible to change him.”


Campaign posters in Rheovot, Israel. Mr. Netanyahu is on track to go beyond David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s founding leader, as its longest-serving prime minister. Credit Dan Balilty for The New York Times

” There’s a specific justification for that,” Mr. Pfeffer stated.

” The left wing constantly said, ‘Here’s the offer: If you do not fix your issues with the Palestinians and end the occupation, and fix your impressive issues with Arab countries, you won’t realize your unbelievable capacity,'” he said. “You’ll have a spartan lifestyle, you’ll need to go to war all the time, and the world might separate you– the diplomatic tsunami. And it’s inarguable that in the last 10 years, Netanyahu has actually broken this paradigm.”

Yet, at the same time, Mr. Netanyahu has actually sustained and directed the extreme right’s displeasure at mainly liberal organizations like the courts, the police, college and the news media. To the left, Israeli democracy is on the defensive. To the ethnonationalist right, which prospered last year in preserving Israel’s self-definition as the nation-state of the Jews in a standard law, it is in need of a change.

” Someone told me that Israel went really far on the democracy side, and now we need to rebalance it,” said Dahlia Scheindlin, a liberal pollster and author. “They see it as a restorative, that Israel has too healthy a democracy.”

Some, including Mr. Gantz, have cautioned that Mr. Netanyahu was headed down a path toward a program like that of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey

Mr. Pfeffer said Israel was not there yet.

” Those other countries don’t have the organizations that can arraign the prime minister,” he stated. “It hasn’t occurred here; the media and judiciary are still strong. However as soon as you wear down democracy, you make it a lot easier for the incumbent to win.”


Jerusalem’s Old City in2017 Mr. Netanyahu’s government, and his gushing embrace of President Trump, have pushed away lots of American Jews, the most essential force in the diaspora. Credit Uriel Sinai for The New York City Times

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