Why VideoProc is the finest Windows 4K video editing software for beginners

4K resolution has especially high requirements for both hardware and software application efficiency. Typically speaking, just editing 4K videos on a desktop can guarantee smoothness and less compression (or information loss). However as is known to any practiced hand, to process 4K videos implies to select a paid program, since there is limited proficient 4K video editor freeware.

Adobe Best Pro would be a preferred choice for professionals and prosumers, but might be not for typical consumers and lovers. For example, typically, a vlogger just needs to cut, merge, crop, and/or turn 4K video footage while keeping the initial “raw” design; adding off-the-shelf results/ filters, changing speed or slight color modulation would be sufficient in some cases. None of those operations needs to be done in a non-linear and complicated manner.

VideoProc established by Digiarty Software, Inc. comes as a much easier service that is tailored towards newbies, novices or “dabblers”. It is a handy and idiot-proof video processing program that comes bundled with a video editing toolbox, a DVD video audio converter, an online material downloader, and a video recorder.

Why Is VideoProc Selected Up by So Lots Of Windows Users?

Structured and Beginner Friendly

Without taking a look at the manual, users can master VideoProc quickly. The interface is smooth, tidy and well classified so that even newbies can search and discover out what they want in no time. This merit has actually gotten acknowledgment by many authorized tech websites like TechRadar, saying that ” VideoProc, a brand-new video processing suite from Digiarty Software, lets you convert, edit, resize, adjust, download and tape all kinds of video files in the blink of an eye.”

Top-notch for Processing All Types of 4K Videos

VideoProc is the only beginner-level video editing software that supports 4K and 8K videos without bugs and limitations. It takes in the newest HEVC/ VP9/ ProRes codecs, 4K @60 fps/ 1080 p @240 fps videos, 3D and 360 ° VR videos and videos in any file extension. It is an ideal hand for processing videos exported from DJI OSMO Action/ Drone, GoPro Hero 7, Camcorders, DSLR, iPhone, monitoring systems, and so on. The resulting file will not be out of order or extremely compressed, and the image quality will be maximally kept.

Unique Full Hardware Velocity Not Only for Quick and Smooth Experience

Various than those large video editing systems, VideoProc can be installed and utilized smoothly on older computer systems, minimally with 1 GHz Intel ® or AMD ® processor, 2GB RAM, and 200 MB complimentary hard drive area. Even an average desktop is enabled to process 4K (2160 p) UHD videos or bulky video without stutters, freezes, or crashes.

Furthermore, ” Complete Hardware Velocity”, one of the killer functions of VideoProc, lets you take pleasure in the top-notch 4K video processing efficiency just if your GPU is no lower than NVIDIA ® GeForce GT 630, Intel ® HD Graphics 2000, AMD ® Radeon HD7790 Besides 47 x real-time speed boost, the advanced technology helps strike a balance between output video quality and file size.

It Can Do More that Other Video Editors Can not Do

In parallel with video modifying like cutting, combining, A/V synchronization, unsteady video stabilization, and sound decrease, VideoProc integrates numerous other functions.

  • It has an advantage over others with ability of DVD conversion and backup, e.g. DVD/ISO CDR disk images to MP4 (H264, HEVC), (multi-track) MKV, AVI, MOV, iPhone, Android, Xbox.

  • It allows you to transform formats and resolutions (upscale and downscale), to compress video files, to adjust VBR/CBR, Bit Rate, and to use 2-pass encoding, GOP and B-frames. Better still, the special Auto Copy or MakeMKV mode lets you delight in quick video pass-through while keeping entirely initial quality.

  • It has an embedded video audio downloader engine for saving material from YouTube or other UGC sites to your regional disk drive. It supports quick batch download, channel/playlist download and live stream record. The downloaded music or videos can be repeated on your gadget without the requirement of a network connection.

  • The recording function will assist you tape-record vlogs, gameplay, software application reviews, and so on from your computer/iPhone/iPad screen or connected web video camera.

How to Get VideoProc (Price Included)

Compared to a lot of expert video editors on Windows, VideoProc is more cost effective at a reasonable rate. It provides versatile purchase modes, consisting of a One Year License (only $2995 right now) and Life time License (just $4295 right now) with 30- day refund assurance.

Good news: The designer is running a time-limited free gift! Everyone is welcome to download VideoProc totally complimentary and go into for a chance to win a DJI OSMO Action or a GoPro Hero 7 at the link below!


How to Use VideoProc (Step-by-step)

VideoProc is incredibly easy to utilize. Through just a few clicks and a couple of seconds can you understand video processing, transcoding, resizing, changing, downloading or recording.

Step 1. Set up VideoProc on your computer system (Windows or Mac), open it, and select “Video”, “DVD”, “Downloader” or “Recorder” on the house user interface based upon your function.

Step 2. Input and load your source media file from your computer system to the app. Then select a target format according to your requirement.

Action 3. Pick a product from the tool bar or Tool kit and edit or fine-tune the source file.

Step 4. Tap RUN button and get the target file.

Click On This Link for a comprehensive guide of VideoProc

You can also view the video tutorial:

The Decision

The edit functions of VideoProc are not as total as the expert video editors like Adobe Premiere Pro But it is a software application pack that has numerous other capabilities. If you don’t like a long learning curve and complex operations and settings, or if you require an all-in-one video tool, this software can be a strong option.

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